Photography by Dennis Weeks, 2010

Pay as you go: 

Since there are so many problems with prepaid class cards in the yoga world I decided to introduce PAY AS YOU GO. This new way of payment protects both parties (student and studio). Cash, Checks (a bank processing fee of $ 12 for a bounced check has to be paid by the student), and Credit cards are accepted (except American Express). 

$ 16, Students: $ 14


Create your own class card for the month (minimum of 4 classes and up).

$ 15 (each class), Students (each class): $ 13

Example: A 4-class-card for the month of March costs you $ 60 (15 x 4), 8-class-card $ 120. Monthly class cards are valid from the first of the month to the last day of the month. They are not transferable. 

Holistic Massage (Swedish & Trigger Point, Reiki or Shiatsu Stretching)

75 minutes              $ 115

Tip is not included in the price. Please check for availablity each month.

Workshops/Events & Massage Policy

There will be no refund for pre-paid Workshops/Events & Massages the day of the event. Workshop/Events Cancelation policy: Full refund will be retured 3 days before the event. 50% of the event price will be returned if the workshop/event will be canceled by the student 2 or 1 day before the actual event. 


Studio Private $ 110 (60 minutes) - valid six months, 4 sessions: $ 400 (save $ 40)

Private at your home: $ 130 (60 minutes) - Philadelphia area

Private for two (studio): $ 130 (60 minutes) - valid six months

Groups (starting w. 3 students/ corporate: $ 160/hr (up to 8 students, 60 minutes) - valid six months

Beginner's Yoga Course Private:

Learn the ABC of Yoga in 2 x 90 minutes sessions to get ready for regular classes on the schedule. Since it is a private, we will accommodate you on your schedule.

Price for both sessions: $ 180  

Price for two in the same class: $ 160 each person


The Yoga Wall is a concisely designed system developed by master teacher B.K.S. Iyengar to aid in a practitioner's alignment within a yoga practice. It consists of straps, pelvis slings, and a bar that are pushed and locked into hardware within the wall. One is able to balance, suspend, push, pull, and sit in yoga poses using the apparatus. 

The classes on the wall will aid with one's alignment, flexibitily, and strength.

Yoga Wall Groups class: $ 25 each person, sign up required

Yoga Wall Privates: $ 110 (60 minutes) - valid six months

Yoga Wall Semi-Private (max. of 3 students): $ 60 (each person)